Mini Programmable DC Power Supply Series:

mPP series (Mini Programmable DC Power Supply) is a compact model for linear power supply. It offers high stability for applications that need precise output control and low noise. .


  • Support low-voltage digital circuits
  • Provide two completely separate power outputs. Users can obtain higher voltage, current, and positive & negative voltage applications by using series or parallel connection. (mPP-xxxxT)
  • OVP (Over voltage protection)/OCP (Over current protection) functions: For each programmable output, users can set desired protective voltage or current value.
  • V.Set Limit function:Set the limit of the maximum voltage.
  • When keypad is locked, user can not change the setting of voltage and current. The mPP will be locked even if user restarts the mPP.
  • PC control software can display the waveform of voltage/current:It can record 2 to 4 datas in one second which allows users to view and analyze long period variations of voltage & current.
  • Compact and high power output:Although it is only one-third of size compared to the traditional power supply, it can output 225Watts; which provides a better working space for the engineers and production line.
  • Supply high resolution V, I for measurement:The resolution of V (voltage) / I (current) supports up to 1mV/1mA, which provides more accurate measurements in circuit designs, verifications, and quality tests.
  • Memory Storage:Memorizes up to 100 formats setting of OCP, OVP and V.Set Limit.
  • Remote control with PC interface:Using USB interface to offer PC-Link function (some models uses RS-232) able to write control programs, save data, and PCRemote.