Wave Gen Xpress:

"High speed USB 2.0 PC-based digital pattern generator"

Byte Paradigm's digital pattern generator helps you meet your generation needs for designing, testing, and debugging digital ICs and electronics. Wave Gen Xpress provides flexible, powerful hardware and software features ideal for design and test engineers searching for a low-profile instrument for complex pattern generation.

Unique Features:

  • Arbitrary digital pattern generation at up to 100 MHz

  • upto 32 MB embedded memory for digital pattern buffering

  • 1 to 16 bit pattern width

  • 6 control linesfor triggers and control sequences

  • 100 MByte max. data depth/run

  • Edge and level trigger definition, with optional auto-rearm

  • External clock input

  • Output voltage from 1.5V to 3.3V

  • Windows GUI, including FREE C/C++ API and TCL/tk environment


Wave Generator Xpress is an output digital device for 16 bits data vectors generation. This fast digital signal generator allows up to 100 MHz cycle-accurate operation. Such a functionality is essential to stimulate the inputs of digital ICs and electronic boards.

As a compact unit with a large 8 MB memory buffer controllable from PC on USB, it is the ideal companion to your FPGA-based or other embedded computing prototyping board. WG Xpress Digital Pattern Generator targets functional testing on prototype board, integrated circuits and other digital embedded systems.

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