RKit 8051 Enterprise Software Toolset:

The RKit "Enterprise" 51 (RKitE51) software toolset in conjunction with the Ride integrated development environment provides a complete, unlimited solution for compiling and debugging your applications for a wide range of 8051 microcontrollers.

In addition, it integrates tools for multiprocessor simulation for debugging and CodeCompressor post-link code optimizer, which applies code size optimizations across the entire application to attain reductions in code size of up to 15%.

8051 Compiler

The RKitE51 includes all the tools in our 8051 software toolset with the following capabilities:

  • Ride7 integrated development environment
  • RC-51 ANSI C compiler
  • MA-51 Macro Assembler
  • LX-51 Code Banking Linker
  • CodeCompressor post-link code optimizer
  • KR-51 RTOS, supports up to 125 tasks
  • SIMICE-51 Simulator
  • MULSIM Simulator with multiprocessor capability