Electronics Manufacturing Solutions:

Founded in 2005 in Taiwan and Shanghai base was established in 2010. DediProg is a company aiming at the solutions of IC programming of EEPROM, SPI Flash,NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC,CPLD and other programmable devices.

DP600-A Automatic Taping Machines:

DP600-A is a new generation Automatic taping machine which has already taken patents in several countries. Designed to be simple, easy operated; tape width adjustment can be finished within 10 seconds without any tool. DP600-A supports devices packaged in 8~88mm width tape. With advanced characteristics DP600-A offers the best solution for manufacturing process.

  • Mechanical Accuracy +/- 0.04 mm.
  • Supports 22h input and output tape.
  • Supports 8~88 mm width cover tape.
  • RS232 interface, to easily communicate with third party automatic systems.
  • PSA (Press sensitive adhesive) and hot melt sealer.
  • CE Certificate.