1. AMS00X 'Bobcat LP/LC - Ultra Low Power BLE modules:

The "Bobcat" family of Bluetooth SMART modules from Zentri vastly reduces development effort and fast-tracks your latest wireless product to market. The modules, unlike a number of alternate solutions, are also over-the-air firmware upgradable.Focused on ultra-low power, the AMS001 Bobcat LP module is a fully certified small form factor Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth SMART) module perfectly suited to battery powered operation for medium to high-volume applications.

The AMS001 module provides an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy stack (4.1), support for SECURE over the air (OTA) upgrade and includes an on-board PCB-style antenna all in a physical footprint of just 17.6 x 11.4 x 2.3 mm. Zentri's TruConnect firmware is pre-installed on all Bobcat modules. TruConnect is an easy-to-use application enabling module control and configuration via a serial interface. TruConnect virtually eliminates difficult and time-consuming software development effort and vastly reduces product development cycles.

2. AMS001-E01 'Wahoo' BLE Evaluation board :

The AMS001-E01 eWahoof evaluation board provides a quick and easy way to evaluate and develop using TruConnect with the surface mount AMS001 or AMS002 Bobcat modules. Using the Bobcat modules is a breeze with Wahoo, simply power the Wahoo board via either a USB cable, a coin-cell or a Lithium-Polymer battery and start sending messages, controlling PWM and much more. The TruConnect application running on the Bobcat module provides easy-to-use serial commands to read the state of the device and connected peripherals. For a more compelling demo download the iPad application, yACKme and fill the room with light and sound.

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