Ronetix GmbH is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and specializes in JTAG Debuggers for ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M series, Cortex-A series, XScale, PowerPC, ColdFire, Blackfin, MIPS32 and AVR32 based processors. Also Ronetix supplies CPU Modules for various ARM processors with Linux,eCos,WinCE operating systems.


Founded in 1988, Raisonance is located near Grenoble, in the French Alps - one of Europe's most prominent high-tech hubs. The company is structured around two principle activities: tools for the creation of MCU applications (Compilers, RLINK debuggers,Evaluation Boards) and advanced laboratory tools for test and validation of smart cards/readers.

P&E Microcomputer Systems

P&E Microcomputer Systems is an industry trendsetter in hardware and software development tools for Freescale microcontrollers. P&E takes pride in its committment to providing professional, low-cost development tools and prompt, knowledgeable customer support.P&E Microcomputer Systems was founded in 1980 and incorporated in 1982 by Dr. David A. Perreault.


Dediprog proposes a complete portfolio of programmers and accessories to provide you the best total solutions to develop, program or update the SPI Flash. All the tools manufactured by Dediprog are designed to support all serial flash products from the following serial flash suppliers: Numonyx, SST, ATMEL, WINBOND,CHINGIS(pmc), SPANSION, MACRONIX, AMIC Technology, ESMT and EON.

Conitec Datasystems

Conitec Datensysteme GmbH is a German company, founded in 1985. Conitec is specialized in development tools - above all, device programmers - and customer specific hardware development. Conitec hates mediocre quality and that's why they have put all their ambitions in making the best device programmers in the world.

MQP Electronics

We have partnered with MQP Electronics, UK to promote their USB Development tools. MQP Electronics manufactures an unrivalled range of USB development equipments, including USB Analysers and USB Compliance testers. The GraphicUSB application offers full analysis of standard USB protocol, together with a rich collection of Class Analysis options.


Established in 2002, Novarm is a software development company, specializing in state-of-the-art programs for PCB professionals and hobbyists, united into DipTrace design suite. We provide affordable, powerful and easy-to-use solution for electronic engineers worldwide.


Cleverscope,New Zealand has been designing and manufacturing test equipments since 2004. They make PC hosted, USB/Ethernet connected test equipments. Our flagship mixed signal CS328A-XS uses state of the art 14 bit ADC's running at 100 MSPS, with 8M Samples storage per channel.

Dataman Ltd

We have partnered with Dataman Ltd, UK to promote their Universal Gang programmers and PC Based Digital Oscilloscopes. Dataman aims to design and sell products which stand out from the crowd for its innovation and quality across the world.

Byte Paradigm

Byte Paradigm addresses Test and Debug Challenges in Electronic Engineering. They develop PC Based Digital Pattern Generators, Logic Analyzers, SPI and I2C Protocol Analyzers to help the Electronic Engineer go faster at testing and debugging.


We have partnered with IFTools, Germany to provide RS232, RS485 Analysers, USB Isolators, USB-Serial Converters. The tools are perfect combination of sophisticated hardware and software.


RAMTEX is a leading supplier of C/C++ drivers for Graphic LCD controllers used with small and medium sized LCD and OLED displays.The GUI C source libraries provide a powerful and flexible Graphical User Interface for embedded applications.

Leap Electronic Co. Ltd.

We have partnered with Leap Electronic Co. Ltd, Taiwan to promote their Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Logic Analysers, Universal Prograsmmers, Erasers etc.

CAN Analysers

We have partnered with M/s Netronics, UK to promote their CAN Bus Analysers. CANdo is a compact USB to CAN interface, that allows a PC to be connected directly to an embedded CAN bus.