Production Programmers:

Conitec Datensysteme GmbH is a German company, founded in 1985, specialized in development tools - above all, device programmers - and customer specific hardware development.

GALEP-5 is the first pocket sized, self-powered universal device programmer. Due to its size and power supply independence, a GALEP-5 is the ideal solution for development and service. Its high speed allows using it as a production programmer. And with its JTAG debugging capabilities it can also be used for microcontroller development.

Galep 5 supports various memory devices like EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH memory, serial EEPROM, NV-RAM, LPC, FPGA, PLD, EPLD, GAL, PALCE, PIC, Microcontroller (MCU). More than 62,000 devices algorithms are currently supported (GALEP-5 device list). Additionally, GALEP's JTAG player can program SVF/JAM data into all existing and future devices that have a JTAG port.

Ultra-Compact, USB-Powered Design:

The GALEP-5 device programmer fits into your jacket pocket and weighs less than 200g, compared to 3..4 lbs of bulky competitor products. It is completely powered through the USB bus and does normally not require any additional power supply. Only when the programmable device consumes more than 500 mA, which is the case for few old NMOS devices and some microcontrollers, the included power adapter or batteries (6xAAA) can be used.

Extremely Fast Programming:

GALEP-5 is uncompromisingly designed for speed. An internal 200 MIPS ARM-9 processor handles the data transfer; an 50,000 gates FPGA (user-programmable logic) controls the pin drivers and accelerates programming algorithms by setting up device-dependent state machines and UARTs. The hardware acceleration makes GALEP-5 one of the fastest device programmers on the market today. For instance, a MB91F467 Fujitsu Microcontroller (8 Mb) needs only 19 seconds for a serial program/verify cycle. A 256 Mb NOR Flash (28F256P30) is programmed and verified in 170 seconds. The internal 64 MByte RAM serves as data storage and allows to transfer data only once for programming multiple devices.

48 High-Speed pin drivers:

A custom-designed universal pin driver IC guarantees optimal signal quality at the output pins, and allows the small size and low power consumption of all GALEP chip programmers. Each of the 48 pins can generate the following signals:

  • Logical high between 1.2V .. 5.0V
  • Logical input, threshold 0.5V �c 5.0V
  • Three programming voltages between 1.3V .. 25.0V
  • Three switchable resistors for pullup and pulldown
  • Adjustable clock rate
  • Ground
  • The switching regulators for the programming voltages are controlled by D/A converters in 100 mV steps. Further D/A converters are used to control the logic levels and the input threshold. For maximum protection of the programmable device, all voltages are permanently monitored by an independent circuit.