RLINK JTAG Debugger-Programmer:

"Versatile Debugger and Programmer supporting a range of target interfaces (JTAG, SWD, SWIM, ICC, ...)"

RLink is a versatile, high-performance solution for connecting to a wide range of 32-bit and 8-bit microcontrollers to program the target device and debug applications in real-time. This supports STM32, STR7, STR9, ST7, STM8, LPC 17xx, LPC 2xxx and more.

RLink is driven by RIDE7 IDE for debugging and programming of microcontroller applications. In combination with RFLASHER programming software, it also provides a very-low cost, dedicated microcontroller programmer. RLINK comes as STD and PRO versions with STD(low cost) having a debug limit of 32KB for ARM based controllers.

RLink connects to microcontrollers mounted on an application or evaluation board via communication protocols including JTAG, SWD, ICC and SWIM.

Ride7 is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides users seamless integration and easy access to the complete range of Raisonance tools and features for writing, compiling and debugging application code from a single user interface.

RIDE7 Key features include:

  • Integrated control of Raisonance C/Assembler toolsets for a range of families including ARM, STM8/ST7, CoolRISC and Cortus-APS3
  • Integrated control of CodeCompressor for post-link code size optimization¬†
  • RBuilder for peripheral configuration and automatic gerneration of the resulting C cource code
  • Project manager with project structure that facilitates complex activities (bank switching, flash, multi-processor, multi-module,...)
  • High-level language debugging with a rich range of views (Symbols, locals, disassembly, registers, peripherals, ...)
  • Integrated simulator
  • Syntax highlighting code editor
  • Context saving